$49 or Less

Starting at $5, max of $49

  • $1 per athlete, capped at $49 per month. All athletes over 49 are free!
  • This is for everything we do, no hidden costs, no design or setup fees.
  • If it sounds too good to be true, you're not alone, we hear that a lot. :)

  • Free 2-Week Trial

  • Quick and Easy step-by-step online wizard.
  • Fully functional 2-week trial, all the bells and whistles!
  • No credit card required, no obligation.

  • 100% Free Option

  • Free for all military base gyms, schools, police and fire stations.
  • If the gym is free for your athletes, RxGym is free for your gym.
  • Let us know and we will waive the fee. Our way of giving back.

  • What We Don't Do

  • We have no setup fees, no contracts, and no upgrade charges.
  • We don't tell you what hardware you must buy or how to run your gym.
  • We never get annoyed with support questions... we are here to help!